The Front in Defense of EBC and Public Broadcasting – or Frente em Defesa da EBC e da Comunicação Pública in the original Portuguese – present on Tuesday (26) the EBC’s Citizens’ Ombudsman, during the World Social Forum (WSF) 2021. The project seeks to cast light on contents published by EBC, Brazil Communication Company (Empresa Brasil de Comunicação), from a perspective centered on the principles of public broadcasting, which must serve as the basis for productions on EBC’s TV, news agencies and radio.

The first report was released on December 16 and now the EBC’s Citizens’ Ombudsman is present at the WSF, in a virtual format, taking another step in consolidating the project. The organization’s website and the English and Spanish versions of the summary report will be presented at the event.

The initiative has proved necessary, after the dissolution of the EBC’s Curator Council in 2016 and the transformation of EBC’s Ombudsman in 2018 into an apparatus for institutional communication, neither tasked with critical analysis of contents nor committed to enhance to preserve law enforcement.

This first report presents contents published and broadcasted on Agência Brasil, Radioagência Nacional, TV Brasil, and radio stations, as well as posts on EBC’s social media pages during 2020.

We work in the defense of EBC and an independent public broadcasting devoted to society!


EBC’s Citizens’ Ombudsman website launch and reports in English and Spanish at the World Social Forum

January 26 (Tuesday), 5 pm (Brasilia time, 8 pm GMT)

Available in:


Rita Freire, journalist, former EBC’s Curator Council’s chairman

Laurindo Leal Filho, ECA/USP professor and EBC’s first general ombudsman

Pedro Aguiar, UFF professor of Journalism, specialist in news agencies

Mariana Martins, Intervozes

Kristian Porter, Public Media Alliance

Mediation: Guilherme Strozi, former EBC’s Curator Council’s employee representative


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